Positive Leadership Tips to Consider

I thrive in an environment where I receive clear instructions and expectations from my supervisor(s) as just about everybody else in the world, probably and where, after being given the opportunity to prove myself capable, I am given freedom and trust.

My best performances have been when an employer paid heed to my advice and either redesigned a website, entrusted the social media account to another employee, let me take the reins on a project and even let me send an email to the building custodian without declaring that I needed permission to send the email .

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What kind of a leader motivates me to work my best?

  • A transparent one. One of the best employers I've ever had was a professional who let me know when I messed up. Yes, my positives are strategically mentioned before the blow, which leads to an honest appraisal of how I messed up and how I can do better.
  • An appreciative one. I don't need a parade or a badge for the good work I do. A simple Great job today! or a sincere Thanks so much for taking care of this are more than enough to make me feel that my efforts have been recognized.
  • A trusting one. Once you give me the opportunity to prove my skills and genius, trust that I will recreate the wonderful results in all my other projects; and that I will approach you if I feel at a loss.
  • One who forwards your professional development. Ive been asked what opportunities I would like to have more of so I can add and hone my skills set, and that means the world to an emerging professional trying to build a career.
  • One who focuses her energy where only she can provide value, making room for others to inject their own value to the organization. A great leader knows what he/she can bring and does not feel threatened when an employee shows talents in one area or another. Instead, a great leader will build that employee up to realize his/her potential so that together, leader and employee can work for a stronger organization.

Under great leadership, I exceed expectations:

  • I drafted a strategic communications plan detailing the redesigned website as the online headquarters of a corporate brand;
  • Designed a program that encourages the contribution of the team to communication initiatives;
  • Managed the tough transition from one IT system to another while mentoring team members on how to use the brand new, alien system;
  • and more.

I am fiercely loyal, eager to learn, possess solid work ethic, and take ownership of my work.

I think I make a pretty ideal employee. Disclaimer: not all employers may be compatible with my style. At the same time, I hope that employers worth the label leader would at least appreciate my merits.

An ineffective, insecure individual parading as a boss, on the other hand, might feel threatened.

On that note, I ask: When are you most effective?

And on another note, I ask:

Under what sort of supervision have you found yourself to be least effective?

  • The one who overstresses.One of my first jobs as a teenager was at a fast food franchise. Our initial general manager and I got along well, and I started volunteering for super busy shifts and training new employees myself. Later, my manager ambiguously and mysteriously stepped down from her role and was replaced by another.This manager stressed about everything. I mean, every Have you been around someone who panics unnecessarily every time ? Its contagious; I felt over-stressed and jittery and scattered-brained from her frantic, nervous energy.

    This manager stressed about everything so much that one evening, after sharp pains in her stomach, she went home to discover that she had been pregnant and had lost her child .

  • The one who slept on the job.After the devastating news, the manager determined to not stress about anything. Unfortunately, her interpretation of not stressing equaled total indifference to the store, her responsibilities, and her employees. So she slept on the job, she told me to clean everything including heavy equipment with which I had no training.
  • The one throws you under the bus.My first job out of university, in which my only aim was to earn money. Have a client screaming at you for a situation that stemmed from a mistake on their side? Blame your employee.
  • The one who hovers over your shoulders.This may not sound that bad, until you realize I mean micro-managing. From my first professional job where I apply my education to work. Imagine a supervisor saying, I want a picture of a sun and blue skies. You open up Adobe Illustrator, draw a blue rectangle spanning the art board, and a yellow circle at the top.No! Wrong! How could you not put rays coming from the sun? How could you improvise painting the silhouette of a bird soaring across the sky? How could you not read my mind?
  • The one who only has 3 responses to your ideas and actions:1. Dismiss you, usually while being condescending, too;

    2. Implement your idea without consulting or crediting you;

    3. Control what you say and do, to the point that you cannot send an email to the building custodian without express approval.

    I shall say no more about this last but that it is the worst kind of supervisor, and I hope that you survive if you happen to be under one.

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