Collaborative portraits with students

I worked with young people from 9 to 25 and was reminded daily of each student's dreams. Partly because the students we're learning English and I think this was a sentence most we're familiar with and also, simply, because dreams are what keep us going.

I had lugged my medium format camera over from Australia and a whole bunch of 120-film, which was old and left over from past projects. I thought about asking the sewing community to make the clothes of the student's dreams but this seemed like it may be too laborious. A gorgeous friend, Beth, suggested the clothes be made out of paper. Wallah. The collaborative dream portraits began.

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I asked the students to draw the clothes of their dreams. There we're students lying on the floor outlining each others bodies. One student was down to his singlet so he could replicate the colours and design of the football team's shirt he was wearing.I then asked the students to paste their clothes upon their bodies and become their dream profession. The flight attendants repeated 'attention', 'attention','perhatian', 'perhatian', as I adjusted the tripod and focussed. Subsequent trips to the airport always make me smile as I hear over the loudspeaker perhatian. My attention is drawn and my memories come flooding home.

The students with a long cable release, which adds another element and layer to the project, took many of the portraits.

Their dreams are to be soccer players, air stewardess's, teachers, police officer, doctor, architect, or army officerwhat is your dream?

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