What to Wear for Your Family Session

Choosing what to wear for your family session can be overwhelming, but trust me, it can be one of the most fun parts of preparing for your session. The goal is to be fashionable & comfortable while still making sure to show off your personality and the personality of your familyso don't be afraid to play up your look with lots of fun color and funky accessories.

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The trick is to coordinate but not be too matchy

Everyone in your family should not show up wearing the same thinggone are the days of white shirts and khaki pantsin fact, try to avoid white shirts all together and try some color! Your pictures will look more amazing if you add some fun splashes of blues, or greens, or purples and pinksor one of my favesYELLOW!

Feel free to also wear 2 outfitsone for a big group shot and a different one for smaller family groups. Just be careful if you have little ones, they may not be as excited to change clothesbut it's always a great idea to have them handy just in case

More Style Tips

  • Layers bring depth to your photos and can polish and outfit
  • Patterns are good! They will add visual interest to your photos
  • Stick within the same color genre and you won't be too matchy, but you will coordinate instead
  • Think about the rooms in your house where you will display your images and try to choose colors that won't clash with your decor
  • Don't be afraid to try a neutral pallet if colors aren't your thingbut DO add little pops of color to make things a little more interesting

No worries, Below I have put together a few examples of some fabulous outfits that would be perfect for your photo shoot for just about every seasonand remember, if you feel stuck, you can always let me help you style your session.I'd LOVE to make sure you look your very best.

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