5 Remarkable Writing Tips

Here are five tips for developing good writing habits. Practicing them will enable you to move from a timid I write to a confident I am a writer!

  1. Think like a writer. Writing isn't just a task or activity; being a writer is a way of life and a way of thinking. Good writers are perceptive people who note the way things look, feel, sound, smell, and taste. They remember what others said, how they said it, and what their faces did (or didnt) express. Ever the observers and the thinkers, writers consider how their real-world experiences could be put on a page, often as the experiences unfold in real time.
  2. Carry a notebook or find a good note-taking app. I'm always jotting notes that later become the subjects of my writing. A note to myself might be a full description of something I saw, or simply a rare word that I read and liked; it might be a general topic that I'd like to explore or a rhetorical question that inspires thought for a future piece.

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  3. Create a writing schedule and stick to it. Youve got to put in the effort simple enough. And you're more likely to do it if you establish a regular day, time, and place to write. It doesn't matter whether it's 10 minutes every day, an entire Sunday every week, or anything in between; show up regularly, and it will become a habit. I love writing early in the morning from my balcony with my steaming cup of coffee in hand the pre-dawn stillness and subsequent sunrise keeps me coming back.
  4. Use your notes (see number 2 above). So you carve out a time to write and actually show up (yay!) but then you find yourself sitting there with absolutely no ideas. Wait if you've been keeping notes, then that's simply not possible! Go back and read them; see what you feel like using today, then have at it.
  5. Remember: Nobody gets it right the first time. Nobody. So if todays just not a day where you feel like creating something new, then go back and revise something old. Yes, you might find a typo to fix or a word to change, but you'll probably also find better ways of expressing an idea on the page. As Adair Lara writes in Naked, Drunk, and Writing , Professional writers revise more, not less, than less experienced ones. Revise until you're confident that what you have is the best possible work you could produce, and there you go a finished piece!

It doesn't matter whether writing is a career or a hobby for you you can't make it either without actually doing it! And once you establish the habit, your title will follow.

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