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Some of My Grand Ideas for 2013 Fashion DIY

The year 2013 is the year when I think I will try some of my crazy and untested ideas on fashion. I have always been the so-called thinking girl and have come up with some bizarre but innovative ideas on attires, hairs and shoes. Instead of banking on the commercial products which are shoved on you in swanky malls, I like to go with DIY way. That gives my creative instincts some sort of satisfaction.

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One idea I have is to make a mix-match of things. If I can shun the clichd path of conventional dressing-up and can invent my own way of fashion, then I can really make an impressionable case for myself in my college. Though there are some risks involved since an experiment can always boomerang on you, but the results can be very appealing as well.

Another trick I have is to fuse the contemporary with the classic. So, I plan to wear a very vintage-looking outfit and team it up with some 21st century accessories. That would really help me stand out of the crowd. And yes, I also plan to recycle some of my old clothes and may be trying stitching out something new and cool out of them.

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