Fictional "Unlovable" Females

A huge percentage of females have a negative opinion of themselves and judge their chances at love to be equally bad or worse. The truth is that so many of us feel that we are "weird", "unattractive" and seemingly "unlovable" that it is very popular for characters in tv, movies and books to be portrayed as feeling that way also. It makes us more hopeful to see that even people "like us" find love.

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I am going to compile a list so that if you need a healthy dose of this brand of therapy, you can get hold of some things you might not have seen or might need to be reminded of. If you can think of examples I haven't listed, please offer them in the comments below

From Buffy The Vampire Slayer


- Despite her strengths, Buffy is often concerned and held back by her unorthodox lifestyle as a vampire slayer. She has very little time for dating, often has to back on out dates with weird reasons and has very unusual interests and friends. This doesn't stop her though! She manages to date several people and have three serious relationships on the show(all of whom are crazy in love with her).


- Willow is the awkward, nerdy type that is an acquired tasteOne of my all-time favorite fictional "boyfriends", Oz, sees her and is instantly drawn to her. He falls in love and treats her REALLY well(except for the whole werewolf thing I mean this is BTVS we're talking about hehe). She then discovers that she's a lesbian and has two great relationships with women.


- Painfully shy and quite unorthodox, Tara seems to be pretty lonely when we're first introduced to her. She meets Willow and the two of them fall in love and have a really beautiful relationship. Not a guy, I realize, but hey, love is love.

From the Angel TV Show


- When we meet Fred, she's lived several years in another dimension and has been enslaved. She's barely even sane. After some time in a "normal" environment with the Angel crew, she gets much better and is back to her nerdy, shy self. She has a steamy and tender relationship with Gunn and becomes Wesley's greatest love.


- A secondary character who has spent all of her life completely alone because she cannot touch people without electrocuting them. She uses her powers to steal but when she finds a gadget that fixes her problem, Gunn is very willing to be the "first".We don't find out about anything else that happens in her future.

From Leverage


-She's acon artist, even with her friends. No one knows who she really is. She's not even sure if she knows. But she's trying to find out. Many men on the show are attracted to her. She's also trying toget Nate to fall in love with her and she succeeds, but she's always got him on his toes.


- Parker is quite eccentric, a little disconnected emotionally and quite frankly has a lot of baggage. Lots of men on the show are attracted to her and one of the main characters is in love with her.

Unnamed main character in Rebecca

- The story is told first person and she never tells her name. She is a paid companion who is portrayed as rather average. She meets a wealthy man with a famous manor. He falls in love with her but she is haunted by the memory of his first wife- who by all reports was absolutely perfect.

Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady

- Homeless, crass and a little sassy, love doesn't seem to be top on her list of priorities until a wealthy, English language enthusiast takes her in as an experiment to see if he can turn her into a lady. She turns out to be quite a lady indeed and the two of them grow very attached to each other.

Miss Lonelyheart in Rear Window

This is a small but poignant role. Grace Kelly is the main female role, who, though extremely conventionally "lovable", is also unable to make the man of her dreams commit to her.

From Dark Shadows

Vicky Winters

- Vicky was an orphan and knows nothing of her past. She's a governess and not really the glamorous type but she is very highly thought of and wins the affections of three men.

Muriel in The Accidental Tourist

- Muriel's a loud and eccentric woman who works at a doggy daycare and trains dogs on the side. She has a shy son with an allergy to just about everything, including air. The main character of the story falls in love with her before the end of the movie.

Lucy in While You Were Sleeping

- Average working female with a crush on a regular customer at her workplace but she is too nervous to approach him. After some serious twisting of events she ends up discovering that she doesn't really even like the guy, but she really likes his brother and he falls in love with her.

Elizabeth Bennett in Pride And Prejudice

- In the Victorian era, Elizabeth was beyond her prime(which still made her really young). She was stubborn, proud and loved to give her opinion. She finds a man who is too much like her, which causes some ugliness between them for quite some time. They eventually realize that they we're wrong about each other and fall in love.

Lara in Dr. Zhivago

- Taken advantage of sexually and emotionally, Lara tries to shoot the man responsible- in a room full of people. One would think this would make her "unlovable" but instead the main character Uri is intrigued by her strength and when he gets to know her later on, falls deeply in love with her.

With this list(and descriptions) I hope I am giving examples of the types of things we sometimes think limit us, not the way we really are or how we should really be judged. That is the point, we put these limitations on us and whether we adhere to them or not is determines if it hinders us.

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