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I think the narrative of the story is really strong.

I think the narrative of the story is really strong, the content of the package is interesting and informative. I managed to find out a lot about the issue from the research I did prior to shooting the video. The road network in Cornwall is a vital tool in our arsenal, without a major airport or decent railway lines, we are overly reliant on our road network to allow us to get from A to B. However, that said, being an area of England which is naturally rural, roads are somewhat tight, narrow, and inevitably surrounded by Cornish hedge.

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It is this, coupled with large HGV's not necessarily meant for the small roads of Cornwall which cause blockages from time to time on our roads. I feel as if most of the content is respectful to the story however I was unable to get the new shots required for the beginning of the news package. Originally I wanted to re-shoot the first 20 seconds, to include some real narrow Cornish roads and a Cornish bridge. Unfortunately due tothe weather, I was unable shoot the footage for fear of damaging the camera.

Another issue was the problems encountered with the interview of the portfolio holder for transport and waste, Cllr Bert Biscoe. Although I did manage to lighten and auto correct the colours to a certain extent during the editing process, the frame remains very dark and proved to be a real pain to deal with.

On the whole though I think the actual package is good and does the required job of telling the necessary story.

Equipment used to shoot news package:

P2 Camera


Boom mic

Boom mic pole


Electronic Cigarettes:

My radio package focused around smoking rates in Cprnwall and the impact electronic cigarettes we're having on these figures. Currently within the the south west of England 900,000 people smoke and this is a number which is currently in decline. However, there are still pockets of Cornwall which are predominantly filled with a majority who smoke.

I tried very hard to convey the fact that the research on these products was still very much in it's early stages and on going.

I managed to do this and at the same time explore how regular people felt towards E-Cigarettes by using responses from two current smokers in Camborne who gave mixed reactions to vaping on an e-cigarette.

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Footnotes - Happy I stumbled upon these people.

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