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When I moved here for the Academy, the one area of ministry I was determined not to get involved in was Kids' Ministry. It's not that I don't like kids, I love them, I've just been the oldest brother to a massive horde of them all my life. I've watched four of my six siblings metamorphose into horrible pubescent heckspawn, so I've pretty much done my time when it comes to twelve year olds. Besides, I'm a major introvert. Crowds, especially large, energetic crowds (the kind Next Level Kids' Ministry is famous for), make me incredibly uncomfortable.

It's funny how God's plans so rarely involve comfort, and so often rely on where He's already taken you.

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For my first couple of weekends at NLC, I had just bounced around and served wherever there was room for me to serve. I've worked on the hospitality team, shadowed production, taken out the garbage, etc. The Marketing track I'm in during the business week leaves me pretty flexible during weekend services. Then one Saturday, someone asked me for help as a boys' small group leader in Velocity, our weekend middle school group. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I figured it couldn't hurt to lend a hand for one service.

As it turns out, after being raised in a household of nine, being trapped in a room with a few dozen screaming middle schoolers feels just like home. I had more fun serving in velocity than I did anywhere else, and even made friends with a few of the kids, surprised at just how much they looked up to me. I've been serving there pretty consistently ever since. Even though the kids get rowdy, and even though they're slower to discover deodorant than their bodies are to discover armpits, God created me to be a big brother, and getting to witness fleeting glimpses of the men God is building out of these boys has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

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