Writing about children who lost their homes...

Writing about children who lost their homes and their parents brings me face to face with my own dark moments.

Thanks Bethany you remind me I'm not the only one struggling for a life of purpose. Corinthians 10:13 talks about these shared struggles: The things you struggle with are no different than what others experience.

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We may travel on different parts of the road, but we're all on the same path. We are born, we grow, we laugh, we love, we cry, we fall asleep. We're here for a few breaths, like blades of grass in the sunlight.

If you think about it, that means no one is alone. You're always running alongside other people just like you.

That means we are part of a family. We're put here to help each other. To encourage each other. To make something beautiful of the pain and struggles.

Which circles back to why I write. Why write a novel? Why sacrifice your nights? Why bother?

The answer: I create to stay sane. To give thanks. To give warning.

I write so that I may live a part of my life on paper. Along the way, I observe, remember, and learn. Over time, I hope to make sense of this life I've been given.

The way I see it, I'm co-authoring a story with God. He gives me a new page to start out with every day. I'd like to see what happens next.

I write to learn the words to sustain the weary.


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