Living with your art

In November, I had the wonderful pleasure of having my amazing and talented friend Courtney Jade, come out and shoot me in my art studio. I had only let a few select people into my space, because it was such a special place for me in that moment of time. I have known Courtney Jade since the 4th grade, and she is one of my best friends in the world. I knew she could bring out my personality in the photos, somehow she always has a way of getting me outside of my comfort zone and to be the crazy BenJ I am deep down inside.

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Since shooting these photos I made the decision that I needed to live and breathe with my art daily. I decided that moving my art studio back to my apt in the middle of Portland was a better decision. The longer I had the studio, the more I wished I lived in my art and with my art so I didn't have to leave at a certain time especially since my best inspiration comes late in the night, when I should be sleeping and preparing for the next day.

What I realized is that I will have an art studio again one day. It was very similar to relationships, sometimes timing is everything. For this moment in time, I loved that studio because it propelled me to where I am. What I have ultimately learned is that every moment, relationship and space has it's place.

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Footnotes - Happy I ran across these guys.

Posted in Photograph Post Date 08/14/2017